On Writing...

I have many passions. Writing is one of them.

Because I always loved reading and had a way with kids, my mom suggested I should go to school for education (after trying hard that I went to school for business or accounting -no, thanks!). So I went to college for Languages & Literature. It was wonderful! It did not teach me how to write. At all. 

In 2018, after searching everywhere!, I found a writers group. We meet (on non-COVID times) every Thursday in Manhattan. They have helped me so much! And now, I’m on a journey to complete my novels, and get them published.

about me.

I change my hairstyle too often, love exploring new places, and I am in love with two things for as long as I can remember: horror and photography. I watched my first horror movie when I was about 7 years old and held a camera for the first time around that same age. And I fell in love with reading shortly after.

the podcast - Writer's Diary

I have decided to podcast. And although my original idea was to share my journey as a writer, I have decided to share a series of real life dark stories, with small hints of my path on becoming a writer, and possibly teasers of my novels.



the novels

The Story of Sophia is about love, limitations, cheating, and discovery. Through intense relationships, Sophia is in search of happiness, while trying to understand who is truly is.

DarkFae is a dark urban fantasy, and tells the story of Cel, who discovers the woods of her new town are filled with pre-Christian gods and creatures with supernatural abilities.